About Us


Soma Mining—An Reliable Partner For The Minerals Sector

Soma Mining provides reliable expertise through our network of industry experts and cutting edge facilities. Soma Mining offers you an equal, reliable partner that you can trust to provide open and impartial export and processing services regarding the mineral sector.

Metallic and non-metallic minerals of Pakistan are mined, processed and exported by Soma Mining from Pakistan to global destinations. Soma Mining is based continuously on improving the quality and performance of the commodity. Through managing both extraction and refining, our mineral supply chain can best be managed and consistency can be tailored according to our customers ‘ needs. Soma Mining is a full source of Pakistani natural minerals with enormous potential to provide our clients with incomparable delivery, cost-effectiveness, speed of delivery and quality.


Our vision is to:

  • Impact real development, exploration, mining, separation, refining, smelting, processing, extraction; all kinds of metallurgical operations, using, transporting and marketing minerals, metals, and precious stones.
  • Provide a forum for the iron ore studies to be completed. Build its resource capacity as an asset and competitive strength.


Our mission is to:

Classify mineral sediments in the country that will enable Soma Mining to take advantage of strategic purchasing opportunities in Punjab and other provinces to deliver consistent coal to power plants.


  • In coordination with the Mines and Minerals Directorate General, identify the minerals of Punjab which can be strategically exploited and add value.
  • Marketing and trading of subject minerals for added value, and building a solid foundation for downstream industries ‘ viable economic existence.
  • Establish best mineral trading options and activities, and build economically viable supply chains and market networks.


  • Identify high-grade minerals (exercised by downstream industries) for their mixing with local minerals and generate higher upstream value at the resource level, and add strength to downstream industries ‘ operating capability.
  • Continuously adapt the company’s organization to the complexities of the mineral industries involved, and develop core competencies to address competitive challenges.
  • Consider yourself a business partner in a Public-Private-Partnership style joint project.


Soma Mining is entrusted with the development and promotion of the mineral resources of the province. Sustainable exploration, development, and exploitation will help achieve this.

Promoting and optimizing the value-added curve for mineral goods would boost secondary and tertiary tier industrial sectors and enhance indigenous and foreign investor attraction.

The backbone of value added process is our Mines & Mineral Department & its affiliated organizations, which aim to make it the country’s best natural resource agency. The initiative aims to create an investment friendly framework that is consistent with best international practices. This will help to create greater business opportunities by redesigning the way we deliver our services.

Soma Mining is interested in discovering and analyzing industrial mineral deposits, writing articles on techno-economic feasibility, mining, and marketing. Soma Exploration runs Coal Mines, Salt Mines/Quarries and a dump of silica-sand.


The Policy is focused on providing an internationally competitive business climate and ensuring a high degree of certainty for investors.

Supplies & Stocks

Soma Mining has partnered with its customers to help manage these supply chains and minimize costs for the supply chain while ensuring timely delivery of Soma Mining products. We are always working to hold ready supplies of all minerals in our warehouses.

Our procurement team is committed to maintaining all-time supplies of primary minerals such as Talc, Feldspar, Barite, Kaolin Clay, Quartz, Dolomite, Gypsum, Mica, Sea Salt, and Lime Stone.

State-of-the-art Packaging

Soma Mining has always concentrated on processing packaging. Our experts at Soma Mining pack all minerals correctly loaded into high-quality bags to ensure proper container weights. We only use high-quality pallets and our loading personnel is trained to ensure that each pallet is straight and square. We are mindful that faulty bags and broken pallets cause supply chain issues. With bagging and palletizing we work diligently to prevent breakage. We always load the containers correctly.

Shipment & Delivery

To ensure that the essential logistics component of the supply chain operates properly, Soma Mining works with its clients and distributors in all facets of logistics. On behalf of our clients, we still look out for the lowest container freight rates from reputable shipping lines and carriers. We have our own logistics support for the containerized shipments from storage to the port of delivery.


Soma Mining is a company dedicated to optimizing the use of these reserves through the development of a whole range of safe, healthy, natural and useful products.

Our products conform to international standards and are a source of pride to Pakistan due to their uniqueness and superior quality levels.

We are leaders in Pakistan’s Pink Salt Exports as we are suppliers to wholesalers & mineral ores imported worldwide.

Work as a Team

For comprehension, we listen to others and ask for help. We build confidence and honor our achievements. We help others to make their efficiency better. We cultivate trust and confidence in each other’s capabilities. We think open communication is key to Soma Mining’s success.

Continuously Improving

We are working professionally and believe we can always improve. We build on good ideas, learn from our mistakes and are not afraid to question the ways of doing things that have been developed. We’re trying to add value to Soma Mining in everything we do.


We take initiative and are not shy when it comes to making tough decisions. We set priorities, and we act upon them. Our experts take responsibility for our actions and for delivering results.