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We are offering barite used in the production of paint, paper coatings, etc. Is the barite we supply & manufacture. The barite is also used in the construction/drilling processes. It is also used as paint and plastic filler.


This is the main ore of barium metal.
It is applied for sound reduction in various engine compartments.
This mineral is used for making smooth and corrosion-resistant coat of trucks and automobiles.
It is used in radiation shielding cement and glass-ceramics.
This mineral also has medical applications. It is used for a barium meal or an upper gastrointestinal series before doing a contrast CAT scan.
This mineral was used for producing barium hydroxide for the purpose of sugar refining.
Historically it was also used as a pigment for paper, textiles, and paint.


Al203 % 0.71
PH Value 8
CaO % 2.79
SiO2 % 0.15
Moisture 0.07
MgO 0.4