Sea Salt

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Salt. We serve broad market segments with different products in various shapes and package sizes. We supply to consumer food, water softener, and ice melter salt products, agricultural salts as well as industrial/food products, which are sold into a wide variety of consumer foods and goods manufacturers.

We are proud to present premium quality Industrial Salt, which is used in numerous industrial applications in several industries. Popular for its freshness and purity, the Industrial Salts offered by us, have carved a niche for themselves in markets across the globe. Our clients are also very pleased with the quality of our Industrial Salts because it complies with quality strict international standards.

Salt is crucial for many industries. Its compounds make it one of the most important materials in the chemical industry, since more than 50% of the chemical products depend on it at a stage of their manufacture. It is also used in the manufacturing of thousands of other commodities including glass, paper, rubber, and textiles as well as in water softening systems for industry and domestic use. Furthermore, it is used as a de-icing agent and as a most commonly known food ingredient.


  • Chemical Applications
  • De-icing
  • Water Treatment
  • Food Grade Salt
  • Animal Feed


Purity 95 – 99 %, 99.9%
Moisture 1% Max
Water Insoluble 0.10% Max
Sodium Chloride Content 94.00% Minimum
Magnesium Content 0.10% to 0.20% Maximum
Calcium Content 0.16% to 0.30% Maximum